Kemal Sahin, chairman of the board, laid the foundation of Sahinler Group when he established Santex Germany in 1982 in Aachen, Germany.



Kemal Sahin, chairman of the board, laid the foundation of Sahinler Group when he established Santex Germany in 1982 in Aachen, Germany.
After the foundation of Santex Germany, which is an established name in the fashion world, Sahinler Group began operating in Turkey in 1984 under the name of Konteks.
Sahinler Group, with its wide range of apparel including sportswear, intimate apparel, women's, men's and children's wear, has become the largest fashion and integrated textile group in Turkey. The Group has subsidiaries in Turkey, Europe and the USA and manufactures over 50 million units of ready-to-wear garments.
Sahinler Group was listed as the 18th "Biggest Textile Manufacturer" in the world and the 3th in Europe in the ready-to-wear sector, according to German Textile Wirtschaft Magazine.
Sahinler Group is a fully integrated group of companies which operates actively in all phases of textile and apparel production including spinning, knitting, dying finishing, printing, embroidery, cutting, and trimming. The Group reaches the customer through its wholesale and retailer operations.
The Group's core business is in the field of textile and apparel manufacturing. Additionally, it enjoys a robust import and export business throughout Turkey, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, India and Bangladesh as a result of the marketing efforts in Europe and the USA. Sahinler Group manages its facilities through 27 companies established in 15 different countries. The Group also owns 350 retail stores all around Europe employs 12,000 employees.



  • The most important capital of Şahinler Holding Group is the "human" and it's the basic principal of our H.R. Policy.
  • To employ the right person to the right position.
  • It's essential to share the knowledge in the Group, and all managers are obliged to train their staff.
  • Every job in the organization is clearly described in order to obtain all duties should be done accurately. And also, the required job skills are determined to recruit the best person.
  • All authorities and responsibilities in the organization are determined clearly as well.
  •  Every manager is expected to have the talent of creating and maintaining a positive work environment that involves respect, loyalty and honesty.
  • The main principal is to use the internal sources for recruiting in the organization.
  • Every personnel, according to his/her educational background ,talents, experiences and know-how, can equally use all monetary and the other opportunities group provides.
  • It' not suited to our organization's culture to employ the relatives of managers'.
  • Every personnel is obliged to do his/ her duties inside of the working hours except for the accidental and indispensable situations.
  • It's regarded to maintain the relationship which is based on our organization's culture. If some unacceptable situations are occurred continuously, the personnel related to those unwilling states , is not allowed to work in the Group again.
  • Internal communication in the Group is considered as one of the most important thing to perform the jobs speedy and get high performances. Therefore, the managers are always interested in the opinions and sights of their staff.
  • It's believed that training is a very important factor that improves the ability to perform on the job and definitely necessary and useful for the employees' individual development.



  • Our Mission
    Our mission is to build cultural and economic  bridge between continents and make employees proud to be part of  Şahinler Egypt  which believe in the team work, and to get our customers on the whole world more pleased with this high motivation.

  • Our Vision
    Our vision is to move our group to the top list of the world, by presenting our excellent products which put color in our life with the best quality and service in most convenient price.


  • Our Values
  • Clarity and transparency
  • Just and equality of change
  • Honesty and reliability
  • Hard working and self-sacrificing
  • Productivity and thrifty
  • Exactly on time and discipline
  • Appreciate human being
  • Smiling communication
  • Team work
  • To be open change and to be advocate of change
  • To focus on customers




Legal Status :
Sareholders :
Production Area :
Total Area :
A joint stock company (S.A.E.) - private free zone
100 % -Sahinler Holding
7,000 sq meter
10,000 sq meter


Departments   Area in m²
Fabric Store  350 m²
Cutting  1000m²
Sewing 1800m²
Packing & Ironing 1100m²
Accessory Store 1 120m²
Accessory Store 2 130m²
Shipping Warehouse 350m²
Machines warehouse 240 m²
Management 620m²
Services 455m²


Nationalities Man Women TOTAL
Turkish 4 1 5
Arabic 550 245 795
TOTAL 554 246 800


Departments Supervisors WORKERS
Fabric Store 1 0
Cutting 1 45
Sewing 15 485
Line Q.C 1 23
Final Q.C & Presentation Q.C 2 43
Trimming - 20
Packing 1 40
Ironing 1 28
Accessory 1 7
Pattern 1 9
Maintenance 1 10
Security 1 6
TOTAL 26 716


Production Capacity :
Minimum Order:
Production Lead Time :
Terms of Sales
400,000 Pcs / Month
10,000 Pcs / Style - 3,000 Pcs / Color
90 Day
Main Customers
USA : Adjmi , Family Dollar , Bon-Ton , Hind , Layer 8 , Kohl's , Stafford
EUROPE  : Decathlon
Machine quantity
Plotter 2
Singer 126
Overlock 108
Flat Lock 181
Flat Seam 50
Trimming machine 15
Bartack 14
Special Machines 45
Cutting Motor 11
Ironing table 60
Metal Detector Machine 1
Fabric Checking Machine 1
Transfer machine 26
Total Machines 640